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Mehadrin, Growers at Heart

With over 5,000 hectares of agricultural holdings, Mehadrin is Israel’s largest grower and exporter of citrus as well as other fruits and vegetables.
The company has annual sales of approximately $300 million with over 70% of the produce exported globally to all continents.
Key destinations currently include the U.S.A. Canada, Europe and Japan providing solutions to the worlds leading produce retailers.

Jaffa Brand
Mehadrin is a leading global supplier of the world - renowned JAFFA brand.

Growers at Heart
For over the past 60 years, Mehadrin has always believed that the foundations of the company are rooted in the earth of its orchards and the people in the field

Date Madjoul
Known as a "nature candy", Israeli prestigious Medjoul, offers great texture and fabulous unique taste in various packages.



Mehadrin USA

Global Presence

Mehadrin has branches throughout Europe and the USA which gives it the flexibility to offer quick and effective solutions to clients in all regions. Each branch is equipped with the technical and marketing capabilities to adapt quickly to the local markets and offer the highest quality of service and products which Mehadrin is known for.

Mehadrin USA

Located by busy Port Newark in New Jersey, Mehadrin USAwas established in 2012 to service the US market and ensure a seamless delivery of products from the growers to their final destination. Emphasis is placed on superior customer service highlighted by personal communication with customers on a regular basis.

Our main products are Sharon fruit, dates, carrots,litchi, and Jaffa brand citrus such as Shamouti oranges, Orri clementines,Sunrise grapefruit, pomelos and much more.

CEO: Guy Binstock
Managing Director: Liron Meshel

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    704 Ginesi Drive, Suite 23
    Morganville, NJ 07751
    Tel: 141-0799-3800

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Our Services

Packing & Shipping

From the seed to the shelf Mehadrin's strength is in its integration. Since the majority of the orchards are owned by Mehadrin, we have our finger on the pulse every single stage of the way. When it comes to quality control, chemical control and supply, our deep integration from the seed to the shelf allows us to offer the highest quality produce and service at every step of the process.

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Global Presence

from the field to the shelf We take pride in the strong work relationships we have with our clients; a relationship based on our ability to offer continuity in supply, quality and size of our produce. From small retailers through global chains, we welcome all our clients to visit our facilities and experience firsthand our cutting edge development, nurtured orchards and state of the art packing houses.

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Quality Assursnce

Mehadrin- One Step Ahead in Consistent Quality Mehadrin is committed to consistently providing its customers with the highest quality products. The company’s concept of onsistent quality encompasses: The finest quality fruit and vegetables The highest standards of customer service

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Environmental Policy

Being the leading Israeli agricultural grower which uses natural resources for its activities, MTEX is committed to preserve these resources, identify and consistently measure its environmental influence, reduce its negative effects and avoid any environmental damages for the benefit of the public, future generations and the corporate itself.

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Sustainable Environment

Being the leading Israeli agricultural grower and exporter, we aspire to make the most of Israel's natural resources to supportour activities, and promote environmentally responsible agriculture. We are committed to preserving these resources, identifying and consistently measuring its environmental influence, minimizing its negative effects and avoiding any environmental damages for the benefit of the public and future generations.

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Corporate Responsibility

Our Vision: In an era of competitive marketing in which we are guided by environmental safety, global warming, quality, health and service, we are all surrounded by a vast scope of solutions for these growing demands. MTEX is guided by its obligation towards supplying the highest quality, freshest and most nutritional produce our land can offer, while meeting the strictest international requirements applied in our field.

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Code of Ethics

Mehadrin is guided by its obligation towards supplying the highest quality, freshest and most nutritional produce our land offers, while at the same time meeting the strictest international requirements applied in our field.

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Mehadrin Tnuport Export (L.P)
Mivne Center 
Beerot Yitzhak 6090500
Tel: 972-3-9371371
Fax: 972-3-9371372

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