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Mehadrin Holland  

 Global Presence

Mehadrin's branches throughout Europe located in the Netherlands, France, Sweden and England, gives it the flexibility to offer quick and effective solutions to all its clients in the region. Each branch is equipped with the technical and marketing capabilities to adapt quickly to the local markets and offer the highest quality of service and products which Mehadrin is known for.

Mehadrin Holland 

Located in Barendrecht and is responsible for the Netherlands, Belgium and the German speaking countries.The product range varies from kumquats to potatoes and we deliver clients on whole sale markets as well as supermarket chains. When the season is in full swing we have stocks in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Slovenia. This gives us the flexibility to deliver our clients in the fastest way possible.

Year around we are operating from important European ports, mainly Rotterdam, Antwerp, Bremen, Hamburg and Slovenia. Mehadrin always appoints long-term subcontractors to handle the cargo in the ports, this is our key to ensure a correct service during the import of the goods and the operational process.
Mehadrin segmented customers’ range and products needs a logistic approach based on tailor-made solutions for monitoring the shipments from the source till the final destination. All our long-term subcontractors meet all standards for quality control, automatic warehouse management, import formalities and transport solutions.
Our logistical mission is to fulfil all specific needs of our costumers and to ensure a long term cooperation with all our dedicated partners.

We are dealing with some of europe leading markets:
The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Austria and Poland.
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From the seed to your door!
Through our Dutch Branch we deliver our products to consumers at the Benelux and Germany.
To enjoy our products go to:

Branch established: In 1997
General Manager: Tomer Ezra
Financial Manager: Sikuan Lam
Sales Manager: Sander Venema
Account Managers: Jeffrey Bazen & Steven Dijkshoorn
Logistics Manager: Peter van de Poel
Administration: Greet Verheyen, Naama Levy
Quality:Patricia Maes
Contact us:
Handelscentrum ZHZ 40C
2991 LD Barendrecht
The Netherlands
PHONE:             +31 (0)180 642 570
FAX:                    +31 (0)180 642 571









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